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To be an advocate for renters and those working with renters' interests; and to connect, inform, and mobilize in order to make local rental markets fair and affordable to all.

Our Initiatives

California Democrats: We need your help!

Three Outstanding Candidates - Esther Malkin, Susie Shannon, and Rafa Sonnenfeld - are running for seats on the California Democratic Renters Council. Vote for them and help us keep people in their homes and able to have a quality of life they can afford.


Learn more, get involved, and register to vote TODAY! for Esther, Susie, and Rafa here.  




Renters must be protected. This national movement: 

  • educates and supports renters in recognizing the power of their voices in public policy and;

  • educates, inspires, and holds accountable political candidates and elected officials on this  powerful and often overlooked and underserved voting block. 

**Our research and understanding of the number of renters in Monterey County, (indicated in the chart below) was the initiative for this movement.**



Learn more about #RENTERSVOTE here.

Keep familes in their homes

Proposition 21 allows our communities to limit rent increases and preserve affordable housing. It brings stability to seniors, families and working Californians

Past events