Monterey County Renters United is a coalition of local individuals and groups interested in fair and affordable housing. We are most active on Facebook. The purpose of our Facebook group is to be a forum for renters & those working with renters interests to connect, inform & ULTIMATELY MOBILIZE to make the local rental market FAIR & AFFORDABLE TO ALL.


You will be asked to answer a few questions to join. Unanswered questions will not be approved unless you can show you’re a RENTER or have RENTERS INTERESTS NOT AS A LANDLORD.


All locals in this area know all too well about the affordable housing crisis in the area. Everyone knows someone effected by it if not themselves. Feel free to invite them to join.


This closed group is a safe place to share stories of how this ongoing issue is effecting life on the peninsula with the intention of uniting & MOBILIZING as group to pressure elected officials to DO MORE about it than hold endless meetings & take decades to add units.


This must be treated as a REGIONAL PROBLEM in addition to each peninsula city: Monterey, Seaside, Sand City, PG, Del Rey Oaks, Marina as well as CSUMB, MIIS, MPC (housing needed for students & professors).

Please invite renters you may know that are effected by living under the threat of unreasonable rate increase without wages being increased.


This area functions on the work most renters do & local governments must be held accountable to their needs. According to current Monterey Mayor 75% of the city residents are renters - that’s HUGE VOTING BLOCK.


***This is an election year - make your vote count***

Outside investment companies must be controlled. They don’t have a stake in the community other than making profits. Some are hiding behind local property management companies.

Property management companies need to be reigned in on unreasonable rent increases & policies.

Please keep posts & comments local.